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Work in Progress offers a variety of opportunities from practicum placements to full-time therapist options.


We offer a site for practicum students to develop their skills in a reputable and secure environment. Practicum students benefit from the diverse array of knowledges, approaches and ways of being that are represented in the team. 

We are always looking for enthusiastic, organized  and friendly practitioners to join the team. Practitioners are encouraged to conceptualize and realize their own unique creative ideas and research interests. Examples of some of the initiatives already in the works include: Walk and Talk therapy, community care program and a lending library at the clinic.


Join the Team
*Next Practicum Student Intake: January 2024*


A practicum at WIP is: 

  • Immersive

  • Collaborative 

  • Growth oriented 

  • Exploratory 

  • Self-reflexive 

What does it look like to complete a practicum at Work in Progress?

Students benefit from the array of knowledges, lived experience, and theoretical orientations that our team represents. At Work in Progress, we are dedicated to our student's continuous growth and learning through semi-structured 1:1 supervision, peer supervision, shadowing opportunities and direct learning. If you are interested in completing your practicum with us, read on for more details. 

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