20 min

All our therapists offer free 20 min consultations to establish if you are the right fit for therapy. 

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50-80 min

Ranges in cost from $180-$220 depending on length of session and therapist. 

Wooden Flower Vase
50 min

We offer both online and in-person therapy at this time. Price ranges in cost from $140-$160 depending on the therapist. Some rate reductions are available upon application.

Hide and Seek
50 min

We currently have one therapist who specializes in child and adolescent psychotherapy. Her rate is $140.

Flowers in Pocket
50 min

Our practicum students offer rate reductions between $50-$100 based on income and accessibility. Offered both online and in-person. 

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Frequently asked questions...

Will my sessions be covered by insurance? 

Many healthcare insurance providers will cover the services we provide. Nearly all of our clinicians are licensed practitioners. If your benefits cover Registered Psychotherapy, Clinical Counselling, or Social Work you may be eligible for full reimbursement. We always suggest you inquire with your provider to see what your unique plan entails before booking with one of our therapists. 

Will my sessions with a student therapist be covered by insurance? 

Unfortunately, we have yet to come across a client who's insurance provider covers the cost of sessions by a therapist-in-training. All our students are supervised by a fully qualified clinical supervisor and Registered Psychotherapist who is cleared for independent practice. You can always ask your provider: "I am seeing a training therapist who is being supervised by a Registered Psychotherapist. Can you please let me know if these sessions are reimbursable?"

How does payment work? Do you do direct billing? 

Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer to payments@workinprogressto.ca (it helps keep our fees lower). Alternatively, we accept credit card transactions, which can be arranged with your therapist. At this time we cannot do direct billing. 

Can I book more than one free consultation? 

Yes! We want you to find the best fit of therapist for your needs.

How does the intake process/ being matched with a therapist work?

You can book a free 15-minute video intake call with our Intake Coordinator in order to be matched with a therapist. There are 2 options for booking an intake call: 1) book an appointment through our website by clicking “Get matched” on our homepage or clicking the Intake Coordinator’s name in “Our Team.” 2) Email intake@workinprogressto.ca. After your appointment, the Intake Coordinator will send you a short list of Work in Progress therapist matches for you to choose from and will book your consultations or full sessions.