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Our Services 

All of our services begin with the option of a free 20 minute consultation with your therapist(s) of choice to establish the right fit. For help finding the right therapist, please contact

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50 min

We offer both online and in-person therapy at this time. Price ranges in cost from $140-$180 depending on the therapist. Some rate reductions are available upon application.

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50-80 min

Many of our therapists work with partnerships and relationships of all kinds. 

 Relationship therapy ranges in cost from $160-$220 depending on length of session and therapist. 

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50 min

Our practicum students offer rate reductions between $50-$100 based on income and accessibility. Offered both online and in-person. 

50 min

Select therapists on our team work with with familial relationships of all kinds, including: chosen family, parent-child, and sibling relationships. Sessions range from $160-$190 

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50 min

We have two therapists who specialize in child and adolescent psychotherapy. They  use creative, developmentally appropriate therapeutic interventions like expressive arts, drama, stories, visuals, narrative journaling, and games. 

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50-80 min


Only select therapists are trained to offer this specialized form of trauma treatment. Currently waitlist only. 

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Lived Experience

We at Work Progress aim to provide culturally sensitive services to all of our clients. Our therapists listed below have particular lived-experiences, and clients can explore their services by clicking on each name below to see their profiles:
Fumi Majaro: Racialized individuals, racial trauma, domestic violence  
Thaodra Workneh: BIPOC, first and second-generation immigrant experience, inter-generational & racial trauma, relationships & parenting challenges, life transitions.  
Zac Schraeder: 2SLGBTQ+. Zac identifies as Queer. 

Pouran Karimian: BIPOC youth/young adults, immigrant and second generation immigrant experiences and acculturation

Talia Noya: BIPOC communities, first generation immigration and acculturation experiences.
Nick Harman: 2SLGBTQ+, second generation immigrant, and young parent communities.
Regina D' Cruz: BIPOC youth/young adults, twice migrant (Middle East and Canada), minority community background, 2SLGBTQ+ identity and relationships.
SJ Thiessen: Trans and genderqueer, 2SLGBTQIA community member, psychiatric consumer, neurodivergent, polyamorous.

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Frequently asked questions...

How does the intake process/ being matched with a therapist work?

You can book a free 15-minute video intake call with our Intake Coordinator in order to be matched with a therapist. To book an intake call you can either email or book an appointment through our website by clicking “Get matched” on our homepage or clicking the Intake Coordinator’s name in “Our Team”. Please bring any and all insurance info you have to your intake appointment. After your appointment, our Intake Coordinator will send you a short list of Work in Progress therapist matches for you to choose from and will book your consultations or full sessions. 

Will my sessions be covered by insurance? 

Many healthcare insurance providers will cover the services we provide. Nearly all of our clinicians are licensed practitioners. If your benefits cover Registered Psychotherapy, Clinical Counselling, or Social Work you may be eligible for full reimbursement. We always suggest you inquire with your provider to see what your unique plan entails before booking with one of our therapists. 

Will my sessions with a student therapist be covered by insurance? 

It depends! Some of our training therapists have met the requirements to be Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying). For individuals who are covered for psychotherapy these services should be covered. For those students who are awaiting registration, session are offered at a subsidized rate and the client is encouraged to inquire with their insurance companies as to whether their sessions can be covered by a training therapist who is being supervised by a Registered Psychotherapist. 

How does payment work?

Our preferred method of payment is credit card. Alternatively, we can accept e-transfers, which should be sent to, however, we do need a credit card on file at all times. At this time we cannot do direct billing for insurance. Therapists issue receipts for services as soon as payment is recieved. These receipts can be sued for insurance reimbursement.

Do you do direct billing for insurance? 

At this time we cannot do direct billing for insurance. Therapists issue receipts for services as soon as payment is recieved. These receipts can be sued for insurance reimbursement.

Can I book more than one free consultation? 

Yes! We want you to find the best fit of therapist for your needs.

What should I know about coming to the office for an in person session? 

Our office is located at 1304 Dundas Street West, which is one block west of Dovercourt Rd. on the North side of the street. We do not have a reception desk so when you arrive for your session you can let yourself in or ring the doorbell and one of our therapists will let you in. Please note that our therapists are in sessions most of the day so the best time to arrive for your session is anywhere from 10 - 2 minutes before your start time. Our office is a scent-free environment. We ask that you remove your wet shoes inside the clinic. Welcome!

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