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Common Reed

Our Story. 

Work in Progress grew out of a dream that therapists and other mental health providers could access a community that felt inclusive, diverse, safe and respectful so that they could show up as their best selves for the people they support.


Work in Progress aims to respond to the problems of human suffering; the corporatization of mental wellness; the prioritization of certain bodies and identities in the wellness space; inequality and stigma in mental health; as well as long wait lists ....


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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Our Commitment .

Work in Progress strives to offer services that are:


  • person-centered and non-judgmental

  • trauma-informed

  • anti-racist and anti-oppressive

  • gender-affirming

  • body-positive/body-neutral

  • sex-positive

  • harm-reducing

  • responsive to individual’s lived experience including oppression and marginalization

  • aware of the inherent power dynamic in the therapist-client relationship

  • LGBTQQIP2SAA inclusive

  • Accessible online only for those living with disabilities *our office space is unfortunately not accessible as it has stairs 


By creating both a virtual and physical community, Work in Progress strives to cultivate a like-minded and diverse collective of mental health workers who embrace flexible work arrangements, rest, and opportunities for building their ideal practice. Work in Progress is committed to opportunities for teaching and learning (as well as unlearning) and offers peer/group supervision as part of

each practitioner’s contract.

We believe that good therapy should be accessible for all bodies. A rate reduction program for clients that simultaneously benefits the therapist has been developed

at Work in Progress. We are always open to collaboration and feedback. We are all works in progress.

Our Values .

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