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Reduced-Cost Therapy

Work in Progress is proud to offer reduced-cost therapy through our practicum student program. When we have training therapists on our team, they are all masters-level students completing their clinical practicum training to advance their skills and become registered psychotherapists or registered social workers. Our training therapists offer reduced rates for virtual and in office work ranging from $50-$100 per individual session, and $75-$125 for relationship therapy. Rates are assessed based on client income as well as other barriers to mental health care. All students are supervised by an experienced member of our team. They bring a unique skillset, have prior experience in the field of mental health, and most of all inject enthusiasm into their work.


We do not currently have a cohort of training therapists on our team. Our next cohort will be taking clients as of September 2024. If you would like to put your name on our waitlist for reduced-cost therapy with a training therapist, please contact

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